ML Kyphotic


New from MLW, the ML Kyphotic is designed to accomodate patients with kyphosis. This new back will allow patients to sit back into the chair maximizing comfort. This is shown to improve patients' vertical field of vision. The adjustable tension straps allow for various degrees of kyphotic submersion. The ML Kyphotic is available in our ML Shallow, Deep or Mid shells.


  • 14"x18"
  • 17"x18"
  • 15"x18"
  • 18"x18"
  • 16"x18"
  • 20"x18"


  • Widths - 19" or 21"-26"
  • Heights - 16", 20", 22"



Standard Features

  • Lightweight aluminum shell
  • Comfortable pre-formed high resilence foam
  • Pre-punched for headrest and laterals
  • Easy to install and remove
  • Angle adjustable mounting hardware

Model Specifications

  • Weight of backs - 4.0 lbs
  • 1year warranty on back
  • 90 day warranty on cover

Accessories and Options

  • Laterals
  • Headrest mounting plate
  • Multi-axis headrest with fabric
  • Multi-axis headrest with moulded urethane
  • see full list of accessories on order forms

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